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The European Union publishes calls for proposals based on the multi-annual LIFE working programmes. It checks and evaluates proposals according to given criteria. After a period of examination, the Commission suggests to finance successful projects from the available funds.

The calls for proposals for 2018 are evaluated presently. The calls for proposals for 2019 have been open since April 4, 2019.

The European Commission supervises and evaluates the results and impacts of the LIFE Programme at regular intervals. For this purpose, project partners have to submit performance indicators for their project.

EASME - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the EU

Executive Agencies are established by the European Commission for a limited period of time to perform specific tasks in connection with EU programmes. The Agencies are autonomous legal entities, legally separate from the EU institutions and established to perform specific tasks under EU law.

EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) were established by the European Commission to manage several EU programmes in the fields of CME support and innovation, environment, climate protection, energy and maritime affairs on its behalf.

EASME supports the beneficiaries. As the Executive Agency of the European Commission EASME manages important parts of COSME, LIFE, Horizon 2020 and EMFF. This ensures that actions financed by these programmes produce results and provide the Commission with valuable input for its policy tasks.  

NEEMO LIFE Team: Monitoring of LIFE projects

NEEMO is responsible for the monitoring of LIFE projects and of NGOs that obtain funds from the LIFE programme. NEEMO is also in charge of all communication aspects of the EU LIFE programme.

NEEMO is a legal entity with nine partner companies throughout Europe, which enables the consortium to make the best use of its resources and provide expertise combined with local knowledge and the necessary language skills. The partner companies have many years of experience and expertise in monitoring LIFE projects and communicating about the LIFE programme.