Mineral resources policy

Straße im Tagbau bei Nebel
Photo: C. Reichl

Mineral resources are the basis of modern economy. They not only cover general basic needs such as food, housing, mobility, infrastructure and health, but also make an important contribution to innovative key technologies and to the solution of central climate and energy challenges.

Goals like the resilience and sustainability of supply chains, innovation and competitiveness are paramount in raw materials policy, but always considering due diligence and compliance with international standards.

The task of raw materials policy is to create suitable framework conditions for national raw materials extraction and for a secure supply via international supply sources. In this context, it is essential to observe the principles of sustainability.

Day after day we use products that have been made of mineral resources which were either primarily or secondarily extracted. Life without mineral raw materials is therefore unthinkable. They are not only indispensable for everyday life but also boost industrial value creation. Moreover, the sustainable extraction and processing of raw materials provides high-quality jobs and their value added makes an important contribution to regional development.

Emerging economies with growing, increasingly prosperous and urban populations lead to a continued rise in the demand for mineral resources in the future, but also technological change causes a change in raw materials demand in the direction of high-tech raw materials.

It is important to be well prepared to respond to continuously changing framework conditions and new challenges on raw materials markets. Comprehensive knowledge, understanding of interrelations, analysing and foresighted thinking in mining and in mineral resources policy are worth their weight in gold.

Sustainable and responsible raw materials extraction, production, processing and use must be economical, energy efficient, environmentally and socially compatible.