The food helpers - Workers for the food chain

Plakat - Lebensmittelhelfer - Wir suchen dich!
Photo: BMLRT

In order to counteract the labour shortage in the food industry and at the harvest the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism has created a central platform for labour recruitment.

Austria has a high degree of self-sufficiency as far as the most basic foodstuffs are concerned. Agriculture, food processors and trade are cooperating closely in order to ensure the security of supply with foodstuffs. However, food enterprises and agricultural holdings are facing at the moment a labour shortage due to the corona crisis, which will even aggravate in the near future.

As a consequence of the closing of the borders many foreign workers cannot enter Austria or cannot return to Austria after a stay at their home country. This applies to thousands of employees, in particular in the fields of agriculture and forestry, food processing and food retail sale.

“We are receiving presently many reports from food-processing enterprises and the agricultural sector where key workers and harvest helpers are either already lacking or where it is uncertain whether they will still be available in the next few weeks”, says Minister for Agriculture Elisabeth Köstinger.

Central Contact Point for Workers

Thus, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Tourism and Regions (BMLRT) makes available a central platform for potential workers in the food chain. In this way enterprises in the food chain concerned shall be supported in this difficult situation and will soon get the workers they need.

Apart from the online platform a special hotline has been established, which can be contacted by job seekers as well as by employers along the food chain. The Austria-wide online platform has been developed in cooperation with the Chambers of Agriculture and the machinery pool.

“We must act decisively now in order not to reach the limits of our capacities. We need these workers very urgently in order to be able to ensure security of supply also in the future. Therefore: Dear Austrians - your country needs you!” Federal Minister Köstinger appeals to the people. “With this platform we want to support our enterprises in this difficult situation.”