The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions und Tourism (BMLRT) is a family-friendly employer

Gütezeichen familienfreundlicher Arbeitgeber

Reconciling work and family life is one of the major challenges of our society and pursues the objective of implementing family-friendly personnel policies and human resource management for the long term.

As strengthening a liveable and family-friendly business culture as part of its enterprise policy has been important to the Ministry for a long time, its Central Unit took part in the certification for the audit “berufundfamilie” (job and family) as early as in 2015.

berufundfamilie is a management tool aimed at the promotion of the family-conscious personnel policies in enterprises which does not only assess current measures but also illustrates development potentials.

The participation in the audit “berufundfamilie” offers us the opportunity to analyse and reflect on existing measures as well as to define and develop measures for the further development and optimising of personnel policies which take account of the specific needs of families.   

In a festive award ceremony held on 10 November 2015 the BMLRT (2015 - BMLFUW; 2018 - BMNT) was awarded the basic certificate and the respective national quality label.

Family-friendly actions

The family-friendly measures worked out under the process and implemented obligatorily during the past three years include:

  • Making “compatibility of job and family” a topic in management processes and instruments.
  • Opening of the kindergarten
  • School-holiday care - offers for the summer months
  • Temporary, short-term occasional (mobile) teleworking e.g in the case of care of ((elderly) close relatives.
  • Compatibility job and looking after elderly relatives in need of care - information on the internet about  possibilities under the staff regulations in case of tending (elderly) persons in need  of care, collection of links on the topic of care on the internet;
  • Safeguarding of knowledge by means of strategic staff control and development
  • Targeted public relations work with integration of the topic “compatibility of job and family”

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism has long attached great importance to establishing a family-friendly business culture as part of its human resources policies. In 2002 we were awarded the basic certification of the auditing process “berufundfamilie” (job and family). However, its validity expired after a final auditing in 2010.

Major measures which are already in place and will be continued in the future include:

  • Teleworking option
  • Flexible working hours for part-time jobs
  • Bringing children in emergencies
  • Cross-mentoring project
  • Training and further training / internal seminar programme “Lust auf Lernen”
  • Mission statement for respectful dealing with one another
  • Health / Preventive health check-ups