Our management principles

Logo leadership targets

In cooperation with all executives the management principles of the Ministry were developed. These principles reflect the result of a common management style and serve as a guideline for the leadership practice.

We manage by objectives.

We set targets and work for results. / We count on (measurable) performance. / We work according to a clear strategy. (Values: Competence, knowledge)

We act responsibly.

We take decisions and implement them. / We delegate.  / We perform controls and provide feedback. / We use our room for manoeuvre and see the big picture. / We take solution-oriented action.
(Values: Security, sustainability)

We view new ideas as an opportunity.

We are willing to leave trodden paths. / We create space for new perspectives. / We face challenges. / We examine new developments and seize opportunities. / We learn constantly, also from mistakes. / We attach importance to quality and efficiency. / We act in a goal-oriented manner and pay attention to the effects. (Values: Curiosity, creativity)

We are a team.

We cooperate and deal with each other respectfully. / We work jointly to achieve results. / We engage in constructive dialogues and provide information actively. / We face conflicts and take efforts to find solutions. / We set good examples and pay attention to the effect we have. (Value: Loyalty)

We build on strengths.

We promote employees and mobilise energies. / We attach importance to developing our skills. / We engage in knowledge management. / We make use of human resources development tools. (Value: Individuality)