"Sustainable education - shaping the future"

Girl operating a drone
Photo: BMLRT

A new campaign presents the diversity of the training opportunities in the schools of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism (BMLRT) and aims to get more girls interested in technical branches of schooling.

Impressive videos, modern subjects and a website specifically designed for young people: The new campaign presents the diversity of training opportunities offered in the schools of the BMLRT. An important thematic focus is digitisation.

The campaign addresses above all young people and their parents. It aims to provide an insight into the priority areas of the BMLRT’s schools and to inspire as many young people as possible for a career in these areas.  Particular attention is paid to further balancing the gender ratio among pupils - i.e. to attract more girls to technical branches of schools and more boys to “more female-dominated” branches such as nutrition.

For this purpose the campaign gives committed pupils a say - they are at the centre of the subjects and videos on agricultural engineering, agriculture and digitisation as well as food and biotechnology/nutrition. A special website has been set up to make interested persons familiar with the wide range of schools offered by the BMLRT. It presents, for example, brief reports on experiences made by students as well as success stories of graduates.